Woman Issues Video Apology to St. Louis Cop


  • Peter O. Zierlein
Note: This post updated here.

Well, that settles that.

Last fall I reported on a case said to be the first of its kind in St. Louis in which a police officer filed a lawsuit against a person charged with filing a false internal affairs complaint.

As I wrote back in November, south city resident Cassandra Harris accused police officer Michael Haman of having sex and doing cocaine in a bathroom while he worked a secondary security job at Johnny Gitto's restaurant.

More specifically, Harris told police in a message to internal affairs: "If you guys don't do anything about this, I'm going to go all the way up to President Bush, and don't think that I can't. I will take all your mother-fucking jobs, I swear to fucking God. This motherfucker was letting her suck his dick in the bathroom."
Haman was put on leave as Internal affairs investigated the incident that Harris claimed occurred in the early morning hours of February 27, 2008. But after interviewing witnesses and drug testing Haman, the police found Harris' accusation to be completely unfounded. Meanwhile, police learned that Harris had appeared visually intoxicated at the restaurant and Haman evicted her from the establishment after she threatened to "drop kick" another patron.

It could have ended there, but instead Haman sued Harris last April accusing her of slander abuse of process and malicious prosecution. Representing Haman was St. Louis Police Officers' Association attorney Albert Watkins who also requested that the St. Louis circuit attorney press criminal charges against Harris for filing a false claim.

The case finally settled last week. In lieu of paying $100,000 in monetary damages, Harris instead issued a video apology to Haman. Watkins says the two-minute video actually appears sincere.

I'm picking up a copy of it later today. Look for a post of the video later this week.