Campin' this Weekend? Don't Move Firewood!!!


If you're going back to Nature this weekend, do Nature a favor: only use firewood you find at your campsite.

Here's why: our state's forests are gettin' downright infested with the emerald ash borer.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, the emerald ash borer is "attractive metallic green beetle" that happens to have murdered 50 million ash trees in the U.S. and Canada since 1992.

So pretty. So ruthless. - MDC.MO.GOV
  • So pretty. So ruthless.
According to the Daily RFT, if the ash borer were much bigger, it would go around punching puppies in the face.

Once these pests infect an ash tree - hard to detect until it's too late - that tree is toast within three to five years.

People from our state and federal governments are trying to contain the pest by setting traps for them. But the main way they spread is by people carting around a bunch of firewood. So don't.

Who cares, you ask? Quoth the MDC:
The implications of the infestation are severe. Even before the emerald ash borer reached Missouri, ash trees here were suffering from "ash yellows" disease and a complex of insect and disease problems called "ash decline." Forestry officials say these problems combined could produce devastation unlike any seen since chestnut blight all but exterminated the American chestnut from forests in eastern North America.
You remember that, don't you?

Be careful out there, folks. Watch your puppies.