Bring Back the Sifl and Olly Show: A Possible Solution to the Cardinals' Pirate Problem


You know, I'm really tired of watching the Cardinals suck it up against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and I'll bet that you are too. The Brewers right now are working on a 17-game winning streak against the Pirates, yet somehow Pittsburgh turns into a team of all-stars when they play the Cards. 

Last week's series was probably the worst yet. We all saw it. Ball after ball hit by the Cardinals just gobbled up by ridiculous defensive plays. Jack Wilson turning into Hack Wilson. And Nyjer Morgan literally refuses to make an out against the Redbirds. It's fucking ridiculous.

Let's face it: the Cardinals have a serious-ass Pirate problem. 

Well, from the vault of things from the past that are awesome, I bring you hope. Maybe, just maybe, the Pirates will finally get what's coming to them.