Who Needs Paul Mitchell When There's Rod Blago Shampoo?


Unreal just heard about some employees at a Chicago radio station who received an unexpected package last week, ripped it open and proceeded to laugh so hard that some of them peed their pants.

The joke du jour:

BLAGO Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner - For Really Big Hair.

"IT'S BLEEP'N GOLDEN!" reads the bottle.
It's no joke!

A Chicago-area company called by Delta Laboratories is actually pitching the product across the country. BLAGO is available for sale on the web.

Unreal scanned the site and took note of the ingredients: silk protein, keratein and panthenol (ProVitamin B-5), which are all supposed to strengthen and shine. (Sounds to Unreal like Pantene.)

Blago's fruity side is brought out with green tea and rosemary, not to mention orchid extracts -- meant to, uh, stimulate.

Maybe Rod Blago will score a licensing deal, and hawk this special concoction to fellow federal inmates. Or trade it for the right to keep his hiney sparkling clean, if you know what we mean. That would bleepin' golden.