This Week in RFT, May 14-20



Almost 60 years ago, a Missouri woman named Jetta Carleton wrote a bestselling novel, The Moonflower Vine, about the secret desires and longings of a close-knit farm family living on the state's westerly fringe.

The book, the only one Carleton ever published, received rapturous reviews and earned a spot on the New York Times' bestseller list, alongside novels from such literary luminaries as Salinger and Updike. But, as RFT staff writer Aimee Levitt, informs, Moonflower's season in the sun was brief and faded quickly into obscurity.

Levitt's prose-worthy feature this week, "Moonflower Resurrection," elegantly tells the story of the spirited, red-haired Carleton, and how and why this long-forgotten book has, like the moonflower itself, come out in full bloom again. 

In in case you've been too busy to make a daily habit of perusing our blogs, whether it be the Daily RFT (news) Gut Check (dining), A to Z (music) or The Rundown (sports), check out our "Best of Blogs" page. Here, you'll find a few highlights from the week's numerous postings.

Also recommended this week is Ian Froeb's entertaining and informative review of Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill, the Sammy Haggar creation located just inside the main entrance of Harrah's St. Louis Casino & Hotel in Maryland Heights.

As Froeb writes in his Cafe column: "The menu is brief, and while most of the dishes reflect Mexican-beachfront aesthetic, the restaurant itself is all about Sammy."

Music critic Annie Zaleski, meanwhile, is gearing up for our annual music showcase on Sunday, June 7, in the Delmar Loop. In her piece, "Winning the War," Annie gives you the complete lineup and skinny on this year's nominees.