Wednesday, May 13: Calendar Pimp Suggests



Oh, they look so happy in the snow.
  • Oh, they look so happy in the snow.
UPDATE: This event has been canceled due to severe weather.

There are winter people, and there are summer people. Ol' Calendar is a winter person: Heavy coat, hat, pipe, rye whiskey and a wind chill in the low teens and he's happy. Well, as happy as he can ever be. Life's endless miseries weigh heavily upon his ancient brow these days.

But Ol' Cal doesn't begrudge any of you fair-weather people. It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. And besides, Ol' Cal is what you might call an adaptive drinker; he'll get that Rittenhouse on the inside of him no matter what the temperature may be.

So long, Winter. Hello, Summer.