Wash. U. Professor's Study: Now with Forgery and Inflated Numbers


  • Washington University

Dr. Timothy Kuklo, a 48-year-old associate professor at the Washington University Medical School and a former orthopedic surgeon at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, is accused of "doctoring" a study he published involving wounded vets.

According to a front-page story in today's New York Times, Kuklo's study involved a bone-growth product made by Medtronic and meant to help heal the legs of soldiers injured in combat. Kuklo published the study last year in a British medical journal, the Times reports.

But a subsequent investigation conducted by Walter Reed determined that Kuklo inflated the numbers of patients who were helped by the device, according to the Times.

The investigation also found that Kuklo "forged the signatures of four Walter Reed doctors on the article before submitting it last year to a British medical journal, falsely claiming them as co-authors."

Kuklo is a paid consultant for Medtronic, according to the Times.

Kuklo did not respond to numerous phone calls and messages that the Times left for him, according to the story.

His study still appears to be listed on his Wash U. curriculum vitae.

Kuklo apparently worked at Walter Reed from 2003 to 2007. His Wash. U. bio says he obtained his medical degree from the University of Connecticut as well as a law degree from Georgetown University.

Among other distinctions, Kuklo won the Major General Lewis A. Mologne Award from Walter Reed. The award, per his bio, is "presented to the physician in-training who best exemplifies commitment to patients and a true sense of loyalty to his country, the U.S. Army and his fellow soldiers."