Kyle Boller Takes a Break, Gets Down With Some Semi-Hotties


Newly minted Rams' backup quarterback Kyle Boller likes the ladies. And by ladies, I mean the beer cart girls at the local muny. 

Busted Coverage has some pics from the Happy Gilmore Open in Tempe, AZ (and how bad does it hurt that Boller wasn't even listed amongst the attending celebrities by the local rag?), of Boller, Barry Sanders, and Seth Joyner cavorting with the lovelies driving the beer cart. 

A couple of thoughts: 

-- Barry Sanders is really, really short. I mean, I knew he was a small guy, but I had no idea he was that short. No wonder the dude was so tough to tackle. 

-- There was mention of Alice Cooper being in attendance; I'm more than a little disappointed that the girls didn't get any photos of him. The man is a metal legend, and you choose to sidle up to A.J. Fucking Feeley (and yes, that is his real middle name), instead?! Lame, beer girls. Lame. 

--These girls should be really proud; they're now exactly as famous as Kyle Boller is. Pretty sweet, eh?