Mayor Francis Slay Urges Passage of City Smoking Ban


In his "State of the City" report to the Board of Aldermen this morning, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay urged aldermen to pass a bill calling for a city-wide smoking ban.

Says Slay:
It is not unreasonable to expect the City to take the lead in progressive policies in the region -- and one way you can do that is by discussing, modifying as necessary, and passing Alderwoman Lyda Krewson's smoke-free bill. Nothing quite says "regressive place to live" to young people like resisting a change already made in 29 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
Krewson's bill had its first reading last week before the board. As the bill currently reads, it would only go into effect if (or when) the St. Louis County Council also passes a smoking ban.

Does Slays speech indicate that the mayor would approve a bill that acts without the cooperation of the county? Sort of sounds like it. I've got a message in to the mayor's office for more comment. Look for an update here when I hear something.

Update: Slay's spokesman, Ed Rhode, just got back to me. He says that the mayor still supports a city-wide ban only if the county also enacts a similar law. "But," notes Rhode, "someone has to take the first step."