This Week in RFT, May 6 - May 13



The horrific story of Philip Markoff, the Boston University medical student accused of murdering a prostitute he'd solicited through Craigslist, has obviously inflicted tremendous strain on the multimillion-dollar Internet company and its founder, Craig Newmark.

Generated by our sister paper in Minneapolis, our feature this week is one a helluva compelling story of how Newmark, under attack from all corners, has found an unlikely ally: a victim's family.

But don't stop there.... 

Just in case you haven't had a chance to get caught up with everything on our blogs -- whether it be the Daily RFT, A to Z, Gut Check or The Rundown -- we've included on our "From the Blogs" page a few of the newsier stories from last week.

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After reading a rave review of the new Star Trek movie from a long-time Trekkie, check out Dennis Brown's critical commentary of In the Continuum, now being performed at the Grandel Theatre. 

RFT restaurant critic Ian Froeb, meanwhile, gives us his take on Señor Pops, the one and only Puerto Rican restaurant in St. Louis.