Anyone Recognize This City? It's Not St. Louis -- Though You'd Think It Would Be


The advocacy group Metropolitan Area Transit Riders Alliance of St. Louis (MATRA-STL) recently launched a website drawing attention to its mission of bringing much-needed funding to Metro.

As MATRA founder Edward Williams writes:
We will fight for the public transit need of all citizens of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area regardless if you are transit dependent, non transit dependent, take the bus or train.
Fair enough. The cash-strapped Metro needs all the help it can get these days with budget costs forcing the agency to cut bus routes and limit MetroLink service. But my question for MATRA is this: What city is that on your homepage? It's definitely not St. Louis.


The skyline seems smaller than St. Louis. And I don't know of any bridge in the area with cool, blue lights. Hmm. Smaller, yet  hipper, than St. Louis. Could it be Austin?

What's your guess?

P.S. Check out a more expansive view of the photo here.