"Mildly Retarded People" at Homeland Security? - A Calvin Huckle Highlight Reel


In case you haven't seen it, our cover story this week spotlights the online hijinks of Paul Kinsella, alias Calvin Huckle.

Huckle is a "scam baiter" whose primary joy in life is turning the table on West African e-mail scammers. He does it by posing as a naive victim and wasting as much of the fraudster's time and money as possible.

To give you a taste of how he operates, here are three morsels transcribed from his Web site, 419hell.com.

  • 419hell.com
1) Calvin Huckle on the phone with "Diplomat Alberto," who is claiming to be the director of Homeland Security stationed in "Houseton, Tx" [sic]

CH:  "So...why is it that you talk like someone who's been lobotomized?"

Diplomat Alberto: "[unclear] What are you trying to say to me now?"

CH: "Well, the way you talk indicates that you're mildly retarded, see?...Homeland Security usually doesn't hire retarded, brain-damaged people."
  • 419hell.com

2) "Grandpa Huckle" is another one of Kinsella's aliases. Here's the old man on the phone with a romance scammer calling herself "Sweet Candy."

Sweet Candy: I'm a nurse.

Grandpa Huckle: You're a maid?

Sweet Candy: Yes.

Grandpa Huckle: Do they really have maids in Nigeria? Isn't that like putting hubcaps on a tractor?

3) Here's Calvin Huckle speaking to one of his most beloved scammers, Ray Garvin. You really should listen to the whole thing by clicking here:

Calvin Huckle: You have my full attention, don't worry, I'm not gonna interrupt you, I'm listening very carefully.

Garvin: Ok I -

Calvin Huckle:  Go ahead I'm listening you have my full attention, I'm all ears, go ahead.

Garvin: Listen to me -

Calvin Huckle: I am listening to you very carefully, go ahead, I won't interrupt you at all, you have my full attention, start speaking: now.

Garvin: Ok. So I want -

Calvin Huckle: Go ahead, I won't interrupt you.