Tea Party Organizers Plan to Crash Obama's "100th Day" Speech at Fox High School


Seriously. I'm dying for some tea.
  • Seriously. I'm dying for some tea.
They're back!!!! So said the little girl in Poltergeist II.

And just like ghosts, it seems these days you just can't keep conservative malcontents down.

The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition, the group that organized a rally earlier this month in downtown's Kiener Plaza, now says it will take its party to Fox High School in Arnold Wednesday morning where President Barack Obama will be holding a town hall meeting discussing his first 100 days in office.

The group is trying to get at least 100 people to protest Obama's federal spending at the event. But the Tea Party Coalition notes that Wednesday is a work day and "most fiscal conservatives have jobs to pay taxes" so they don't know how many protesters will actually show.

BTW: Anyone else out there see the irony of Obama making this speech at a high school named Fox?