Daily RFT Story on Journalist Fired After Taking Bullet on the Job Goes Big Online


Todd Smith
  • Todd Smith
On Tuesday Riverfront Times' writer Kristen Hinman broke the story of how the Suburban Journals laid off Todd Smith -- the reporter shot last year in the Kirkwood City Hall massacre that eventually left seven people dead.

Since Tuesday afternoon, Hinman's post has exploded online. And while Hinman is too modest to boast about her scoop, I will.

The story has found second lives on Gawker, Fark, Digg, journalism blog Romenesko and dozens of other media. This afternoon the Washington Post's media columnist Howard Kurtz called Hinman out of the blue to tell her that he tweeted about the item today and got mad responses.

That message preceded an e-mail later this afternoon from a New York Times reporter saying that the "Old Grey Lady" is now planning to follow the story.

So, if you haven't read the Hinman's original piece, do yourself a favor. Check it out here.