Shroomin' 'Round St. Louis


  • Gone shroomin'
Morel mushrooms don't make you think your carpet is pulsating. They're just deliciously tasty -- and now in demand in the St. Louis area, since their short season has come into full swing.

There appears to be a quiet subculture of St. Louisans who are really into hunting for these things. Check out the Missouri message board at

John Davis, a.k.a., The Mushroom Man, told Daily RFT that he's been buying from private citizen pickers at about $15 a pound. "All the top restaurants are trying to carry Morels right now," he says.

According to the message board (and inside sources), shroom-hunters have had some luck down in the Meremac River bottoms, at Queeny Park and at the Busch Conservation Area in St. Charles County.

Davis says the season will only last for another two weeks or so. Pick 'em now before they're gone.