Obama To Celebrate 100th Day in America's Meth Capital


Obama: Home for the holi-daze? - FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/CLICHE
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  • Obama: Home for the holi-daze?
That's right. Word is that the President Barack Obama will celebrate his 100th day in office just south of St. Louis in Missouri's Jefferson County.

Last year, one-in-five meth busts nationwide occurred in Missouri, with the greatest number of those incidents reported in Jefferson County. The sheriff's department discovered around 200 labs in the rural county in 2008.

Obama carried Jefferson County in last fall's presidential election with 50 percent of the vote versus John McCain's 47 percent.

It's yet to be made public where Obama will visit in JeffCo, but let's hope wherever it is it has indoor plumbing and does not reek of ammonia and phosphine gas.