Post-Dispatch Editor on Sylvester Brown's Possible Replacement


I carried on so with that blog yesterday about Sylvester Brown's tempestuous departure from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that I completely forgot to include some information about who will replace Brown as a metro columnist.

Editor Arnie Robbins told me he's not sure if the paper *will* replace Brown. "Right now I am not even thinking about that," said Robbins. "That's something we'll have to think about."

Brown was one of a handful of African Americans in the Post's metro newsroom, and race was a frequent subject in his columns. Other African American columnists in other departments at the paper: Bryan Burwell covers sports, Kevin Johnson covers music and Debra Bass covers fashion.

Meanwhile, we've come up with a few candidates of our own to replace Brown. Check out our poll and vote for your pick. As of this posting, erstwhile St. Louis American city editor Alvin Reid has a slim lead over fictional Onion columnist Smoov B.