Cougars Lurk on a TV Near You


If you were a fan of "Cougar Heaven!" a hard-hitting piece of journalism exploring every last nook and cranny of cougar-dom right here in St. Louis and published in this paper by Unreal last summer, take that sweaty palm off your computer mouse and get a grip on your remote control.

The cougars. Have come. To television.

Tonight is the world premiere of The Cougar, a new reality-TV show that aims to knock your undies off.


Courtesy of The Bachelor creator, hosted by Vivica A. Fox (a fine piece of middle-aged ass herself), the show follows blond and bronzed Stacey, a 40-year-old mother of four and commercial real estate broker from Scottsdale, Arizona, as she chooses a mate from a pool of horny 20-somethings.

You'd think Scottsdale would be rife with rich, eligible bachelors in their 40s and 50s...

Which means Stacey-from-Scottsdale must be the perfect coug -- really, truly excited by the dangers that come with pork-ing the stuffing out of a 23-year-old, emotionally-unavailable UPS driver.

Unreal checked out some of the candidates via this here photo gallery. With names like Bodie and Colt, the brood of young studs promises to give the old broad a run for her K-Y.

Watch tonight at 9 p.m. central on TV Land (believe that's Channel 70 on Charter), and let Unreal know what you think.