The Moustache of a Winner


"Moustache Madness" seized the Royale last Saturday. Bartender David Mueth, age 30, emerged victorious in the "Best Homegrown Moustache" category. Yesterday he slowed down with Daily RFT to reflect on these last few heady days.

Bartender David Mueth and his prize-winning moustache - PHOTO BY NICHOLAS PHILLIPS
  • Photo by Nicholas Phillips
  • Bartender David Mueth and his prize-winning moustache

Q: Might one describe your moustache as a Fu-Manchu?

DM: I like to think of it as an 1870s gold prospector's moustache.

What kind of maintenance does your moustache require?

Routine trimming. No wax. I do put conditioner in it.

How does your moustache affect your self-esteem?

My high self-esteem is what allowed me to grow it in the first place.

Has your moustache altered your love life?

I can always use the line, 'Does anybody want a moustache ride?' I don't. But...

Specifically which magic powers has your moustache conferred upon you?

I can't divulge those.

*Mueth's victory prize at "Moustache Madness" was an autograph of filmmaker John Waters. To find out more about moustaches, check out our feature from last November.