Sleepless in St. Louis


Easy to sleep, if you're this guy - WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
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  • Easy to sleep, if you're this guy
Today's front page of the New York Times carries a rather unsettling story about people who are so rattled by the recession that they're having panic attacks, chest pains and general hysteria at all hours of the day and night. Some are getting scrips for psychiatric drugs. Others are seeking treatment for insomnia.

Good to know St. Louisans aren't left out of this trend!

As St. Louis doctor Joseph Ojile tells NYT reporter Pam Belluck, his Clayton Sleep Institute has racked up a 25-percent increase in patients since October.

"Many seeking help 'are fearful,' not 'actually incurring economic difficulty,'" the story quotes Ojile as saying.

But of course...It's Clayton!