Forget Busch Stadium, The Real Party Today is at Novak's


Sea ya at Novak's tonight.
  • Sea ya at Novak's tonight.
That's right. This evening, St. Louis' premier lesbian bar, Novak's, plays host to the annual Wolfe Video Women's Final 4 Party.

Billed as one of the largest gay parties of the year, the event got its start nearly a decade ago in St. Louis -- the last time the city played host to the women's Final Four.

Back then, Wolfe Video (the world's largest distributor of lesbian DVDs) hosted a small soiree of about 20 women in a downtown hotel. With each passing year the party has grown bigger and bigger. Last year's fete in Tampa drew nearly a thousand revelers.

Tonight's festivities at Novak's include a guest appearance by actress Daniela Sea (pictured) of Showtime's The L Word, strip-tease acrobatics by Gravity Plays Favorites, a Caribbean cruise give-away, gift bags and, of course, dancing. 'Cause it wouldn't be a very gay time without lots and lots of dancing.