A "Camry" Candidate Crashes the Porsche Politics of Town & Country


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The Post-Dispatch is out with an article today on my favorite suburban politician, John Hoffmann.

Hoffmann is running for mayor of Town & Country in next Tuesday's election, and one could safely say that he's shaking things up in the notoriously buttoned-down suburb. As we've written on this here blog, Hoffmann is going straight after incumbent Jon Dalton -- bringing up the current mayor's work as a tobacco lobbyist and lawyer representing developers in eminent domain suits.

Hoffmann has also attacked other things about Dalton -- like his penchant for silk handkerchiefs and the fact that he drives a Porsche. (Hoffmann tools around town in a decade-old Toyota Camry.)

But recently Hoffmann's vinegar has caused some of warm-milk crowd in Town & Country to gag a bit. Last week, Dalton supporters fired back by circulating to voters the feature story I wrote on Hoffmann last year, "Mavericky!", as well as other article and reports they deem damaging.

What bothers Hoffmann, he says, is that they're misinterpreting these documents, saying he was fired from jobs in which he resigned and spreading other fabrications. Hoffmann informs me: "I guess the war is on." This week Hoffmann began distributing lawsuits to voters that he's uncovered showing that Dalton has been sued by contractors for nonpayment and has accepted campaign gifts from big corporations outside of T&C.

Yeah, it's turning out to be a hell'uva race in Town & Country. Could it be the trusty jalopy is beating the hot rod?

Hoffmann tells the Post-Dispatch today that the first thing he'll do as mayor is remove the word "prestigious" from the description of T&C on the city's Web site. "When you call yourself prestigious, you're either pretentious or a jerk," he says.