How 'Bout That New Hardee's Commercial? You Know, The One With Padma Lakshmi?


March Madness has taken on Super Bowl status in recent years with advertisers debuting dozens of new commercials during the tourney.

This year, one of those ads has received a lot more attention than others -- at least among the folks I've watched the games with over the past two weeks. I'm talking about that new spot from St. Louis-based Hardee's. You know, the one featuring Top Chef  host Padma Lakshmi blowing eating the restaurant's new Western Bacon Thickburger.

A friend of mine who works in advertising calls it "derivative, lazy soft porn." I dunno, I rather enjoyed it. How 'bout you? 

Hardee's has remade itself over the years as a "guys" restaurant chain. Follow the jump to view additional commercials from the restaurant (and its sister chain, Carl's Jr.), including Paris Hilton washing a car, a woman riding a mechanical bull and (my favorite) a guy shaking a cow.