St. Louis' Afroworld Gets the CNN Treatment


Obama: Never out of fashion at Afroworld.
  • Obama: Never out of fashion at Afroworld.
CNN's John King visits North County's Afroworld hair and fashion boutique in an article on the network's Web site today.

CNN reports that Afroworld owner Sheila Forrest continues to see a spike in business thanks to the sundry Barack Obama merchandise she has up for sale at her store -- including shirts and buttons for such niche groups as "Cat Lovers for Obama" and "Soccer Moms for Obama."

So heady is the Obama fervor at Afroworld that Forrest recently changed the "Obama 2008" banner outside the store with an "Obama 2012" sign.

"Isn't that a bit early?" asks CNN.

"Nope," replies Forrest. "No because we want to keep the whole momentum going."