Sandra Magnus' Space Hair


We mentioned Barack Obama's "fashion statement" comment to U.S. astronaut and Belleville native Sandra Magnus in the Morning's Newz today, but really, the woman's incredible space coif deserves another look.

There are so many questions here. Does conditioner not work in space? Is the lack of gravity causing it to poof up like that or would even Earth's pull be unable to tame that mane? Does she bear an uncanny resemblance to this character from Robin Hood: Men in Tights?

Forget the other space-station science experiments, the astronauts need to be studying this alien phenomenon!

Too bad Magnus starts her trip home this afternoon and she already has a spot reserved at the salon. Her mother tells the Belleville News Democrat: "She can't wait to get it cut. She has an appointment next week. She called from space and made one."

Hopefully space hasn't caused irreparable harm to her hair and she can get back to looking like Beadie from