The Purple Martins Have Arrived!


Hubba hubba: an adult female. - PURPLEMARTIN.ORG
  • Hubba hubba: an adult female.
The first pair of purple martins has finally made it from South America up to Forest Park, according to an e-mail just received from John Miller, our local Purple Martin enthusiast:
Have been straining my eyes looking. Finally spotted two purple martins at Probestein Golf Course, Forest Park, this Monday morning about 8:30 a.m. One male and I suspect the other was a female. They were cavorting in the skies above the housing, landing briefly on the housing and then dashed off to splash bath in the nearby lakes.
If you recall from our last post, Miller and Chris Feree, a Forest Park Forever nature reserve technician, were competing to be the first to spot this year's Purple Martin arrivals. Looks like Miller has emerged victorious. 

He says that in about two weeks, there should be a whole slew of them darting and diving around the park's airspace.