Monday, March 23, Morning's Newz


The Post-Dispatch reports that one of two survivors in that grisly car crash Saturday in Des Peres is being told that he's in the hospital because he fell down a flight of stairs. The man's family and friends fear that the reality of the situation -- that his fiance and three friends perished in the crash -- would be too tragic for him to handle. Meanwhile, the other survivor of the wreck, off-duty Sunset Hills police officer Christy Miller, is listed in critical condition. Authorities are determining whether Miller was drinking prior to causing the accident at 1:45 a.m. Saturday morning.

As a child I remember foraging through the neighborhood creek in search of tadpoles and pirate treasure. My biggest score ever? That was the day my friend and I found a couple waterlogged Playboy magazines in the creekbed. Thank God we never came across anything like this.

Fire laid waste yesterday to a St. Louis icon -- the old Pevely Dairy building in Midtown. And finally, the Associated Press reports that the sour economy has many women going "jobless to topless" -- with strip clubs and porn makers reporting a flood of new applications. And to think, the women up in Alton continue to give it away for free