Right-Wing, Anti-Gay Group Planning Another Tea Party in St. Louis, Elsewhere


  • teapartyday.com
The American Family Association -- a Mississippi outfit known for its crusades against homosexuality, pornography and the entertainment industry -- is helping to plan a national "TEA Party Day" on April 15. TEA, according to organizers, stands for "Taxed Enough Already."

The AFA says it (and other organizations) are working to establish TEA rallies in 1,000 towns across the nation, including St. Louis, St. Charles, Springfield and other Missouri cities. The event comes on the heels of a similar "Tea Party" rally last month in which hundreds of people gathered under the Gateway Arch to protest President Obama's passage of the economic stimulus bill.

Participants in the April rally are encouraged to bring their cell phones so they can call Congress and the president while at attending the protest. I imagine it would also be fun to bring some tea bags to the party. But, please, absolutely no "tea-bagging" while at the event. The AFA would not approve.