Thursday, March 19: Morning's Newz


An Alton man lives 96 years and this is how he dies -- burning leaves in his backyard!?

Fishermen on the Mississippi River are still talking about the monstrous, 90-pound Asian carp they pulled from the water last month.

The Post-Dispatch has an interesting article on the scoundrels behind the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District who are refusing to provide the newspaper and citizens with records of its finances. The board recently demanded that a resident write them an apology letter after she requested financial information at a meeting. Note: I'd link to the article if I could find it on the $&@!% Web site. I read the story it in the print edition.

Kurt Warner is just 37 years old, but he is starting showing the effects of age. This week the erstwhile Rams QB underwent hip surgery. He's expected to fully recover in time for the 2009 season.