Last Night: Hamell on Trial; Jesse Irwin at the Deluxe


Ed Hamell, a.k.a. Hamell on Trial, made a pit stop at the Deluxe Diner in Maplewood last night on his way to the SXSW Festival in Austin.

The Brooklyn-based artist-- known for his subversive, spoken-word lyrics and blistering acoustic guitar (a '37 Gibson) -- performed before a small but enthusiastic crowd. 

For the past eight years the Bush administration has provided Hamell with all kinds of subject matter. So what's he singing about these days? Ann Coulter's smelly snatch, for one thing. And Hamell's imagined wager between Mr. and Mrs. Obama that has Michelle agreeing to Barack's anal-sex fantasy should he win the presidency. 

But politics isn't the only thing on Hamell's brain these days. He's just as soon riff on substance abuse, fatherhood and bad decisions -- all of which he touches on in his 2006 album Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs

Local artist Jesse Irwin warmed the room with his irreverent ballads about meth cooks, government conspiracies and ejaculating. Yes, 'twas an entirely sordid affair all around last night, and damn fun, as well.

See Hamell perform his songs "Inquiring Minds" and "Bill Hicks" after the jump.