Slimmed-Down Albert Pujols on Sports Illustrated Cover


The last time Albert Pujols was in the national spotlight was back in November, when he won the National League MVP award. Back then, just a few days before turkey day and almost two months removed from the season, it looked like El Hombre, as some are prone to call the slugger, had laid into the dessert table like a Brad Lidge fastball. Pesky rules about re-posting photos limit me from posting that photo for a side-by-side comparison, but you can view the beaming, if a bit bulbous, MVP here.

Now Pujols is back in the spotlight, just weeks from Opening Day, looking more like the player we know. And what's more -- he's pegged as one of baseball's saviors in the wake of Alex-Sunburn-Rodriguez's admission that he took steroids.

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