Looking for a Job in Missouri? You Won't Find it on Monster.com


Unreal is not -- we repeat -- not looking for a job. We're happy here at the Riverfront Times. Yes, siree, print media is thisclose to making a big comeback. You'll see. Everything is just hunky-dory here. That said...we did find it amusing yesterday when a friend of the paper -- yes, a friend and not any RFT staffers -- sent us a link to monster.com.

It seems that the help-wanted Web site has forgotten all about us here in little ol' Missouri. See for yourself by going to monster.com and placing your cursor on the "Jobs" tab and then the "Browse Jobs" tab. A list will drop down that includes job offerings in the District of Columbia and every state in the union but Missouri.

We realize times are tough these days, but c'mon monster.com: Are there truly no jobs at all in Missouri? 
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