Sign o' the Times, or Get on Your Boots


  • Wikimedia Commons
As I was leaving my house yesterday, I heard a strange sound. A loud -- though not deafening -- rattling. I didn't think much of it. My neighbors a couple of houses down the street have been doing some landscaping over the past few days, so I figured it was a power tool of some kind.

Then, as I started down my front steps, I saw it: A small, blue-gray car, a late 1980s Ford or maybe Toyota, riding low to the ground, beat the hell up. Was the car dragging its muffler? Nope. Was it riding on a flat? Close -- but, no, not that, either.

There was a Denver boot on the car's front left wheel, but the car's owner, undaunted, was heading to work -- or home or, where I would go if my car was booted and I couldn't afford to have it removed, the bar.

Godspeed, my friend. When this recession officially turns into a depression, I'll think of you first.

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