Say What You Will, RFT Always Makes Great Toilet Reading


A while back I wrote about the Spaloo, the amazing hands-free toilet seat that washes and dries your bum all with the touch of a button. Spaloo founder (and former St. Louisan) Jim Santhuff even sent me a Spaloo to "test drive." The gift was heaven sent, and ever since I've considered myself a veritable connoisseur of crappers.

That said, I was totally taken aback yesterday when I read in the Los Angeles Times about a new kind bathroom product -- the waterless, composting toilet. If my Spaloo (with its luxurious heated seat, warm-water tank, and electric jets) is the Rolls Royce of toilets, the composting commode is a Prius.

That's not to say it's cheap. The model pictured here, by Envirolet, starts at $1,600. But it certainly is green. The toilet requires no plumbing -- just a small amount of electricity. Liquid and solid waste are separated into two different containers and an exhaust fan keeps everything smelling dandy. After a few months, the contents of the toilet can be emptied into the garden.

The one thing I don't understand, though, is the need for the "composting" feature. I mean, don't the large and small intestines do that prior to the waste ever hitting the can?