Pro-Life Group Recruits "Ice T" in Battle With Mo. Secretary of State


Robin Carnahan
  • Robin Carnahan
A group calling itself the Missouri Roundtable for Life (MRFL) is asking to review all Sunshine Law requests made to Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan since she took office in 2005.

MRFL made the demand after Carnahan's office asked that the group pay for access to public documents. Missouri Sunshine Law does allow government agencies to charge for copying fees as well as research time to locate documents, but that doesn't sit with Todd Jones, executive director of MRFL.

"The public interest will best be served when we understand exactly who and what happens during these secretive interactions," said Jones in a statement Monday. "For that reason, we have asked Carnahan to waive the fees and to make public all other Sunshine Requests so we can see if her fees have been charged to others and in what amounts."

Earlier this month MRFL sued Carnahan in state court claiming that the secretary of state conspired with the attorney general, auditor and perhaps others to deprive MRFL of a fair and impartial process and to prevent pro-life and anti-cloning groups from getting proposed constitutional amendments before the voters of Missouri.

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  • Ice-T not Icet
In related news...yesterday MRFL sent out a somewhat confusing press release that -- at first glance -- seemed to suggest that rapper Ice-T had joined its cause.

Sadly, though, the endorsement actually came from State Representative Allen Icet (R-Wildwood) who serves as chair of the House Budget Committee and has no resemblance whatsoever to the hip-hop star.