SLU Doctor Endorses Barbie Doll as Healthy Role Model


Barbie, err, Dr. Cynthia Haines - MEDSCHOOL.SLU.EDU
  • Barbie, err, Dr. Cynthia Haines
Barbie turns 50 this year, and the doll has a big fan in Saint Louis University professor of family and community medicine, Dr. Cynthia Haines.

Earlier this month Haines told Web site Scientific Blogging that the doll is the picture of perfect health and a great role-model for girls -- despite those who argue otherwise. (It's said that if Barbie were a real person her measurements would be 36-18-33 and she'd lack enough body fat to menstruate.)

Haines, meanwhile, believes Barbie's slim figure and good-looks suggest that the doll has taken good care of herself over the past half century. "Barbie loves to exercise and has washboard abs and a tiny waist to prove it," says Haines, who adds that Barbie probably follows the "Mediterranean Diet" rich in healthful anti-oxidants that slow aging.

"You can tell because her skin is nice and firm, she has long luxurious hair and bright, white teeth," says Haines. "And on the inside, I suspect her heart is strong, her arteries plaque-free and her lungs are clear."

That's Haines, btw, pictured above. Remind you of anyone?