Bill McClellan Offers His Scoop on Fat Tuesday Parade


St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan is out today with his take on the Fat Tuesday Parade in Carondelet this week.

As regular readers know, I pimped the parade several times prior to the event. And, come Fat Tuesday, a measly dozen or so people actually showed up. (Growing testimony, I say, to the strength of this blog!)

Following the festivities, I wondered aloud how McClellan could possibly stretch a 900-word article out of the event -- which was most definitely a bust. But the columnist is one of those glass-half-full kind of guys.

He called the parade an "inaugural" celebration and suggested it would grow bigger next year. And, like many inaugural events, he noted that the media often arrives after the fact. Writes McClellan:
Nobody from television showed up, but as we returned to Iron Barley, Chad Garrison, a writer from the Riverfront Times, arrived. "Too late!" I wanted to say. "You've been scooped." But then I thought, what scoop?