Mardi Gras Arrests and Charges: The Official Count


The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department just released its final numbers from Saturday's Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard.

The police, City Excise Division and State Liquor Control issued a total of 116 charges against individuals. Officials say the number of arrests this year were comparable to previous Mardi Gras' in St. Louis.

A Soulard flasher caught on film. - DAVID WALTHALL
  • David Walthall
  • A Soulard flasher caught on film.
Curiously, not one person was cited for indecent exposure this year despite the rampant public nudity at Mardi Gras. I guess officials turn the other cheek -- so to speak -- to that offense.

Here's the official run down of charges:

  • 68 Minors in Possession of Alcohol
  • 17 Urinating in Public
  • 12 False Identification
  • 4 DUI's
  • 4 Supplying Alcohol to Minor
  • 3 General Peace Disturbance
  • 2 Resisting Arrest
  • 2 Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer (an officer was punched and an officer was spit on while attempting to take a man into custody)
  • 1 Selling Liquor without a License
  • 1 3rd Degree Assault (a man got into a fight with a friend and punched him)
  • 1 Property Damage (a man got into a fight at a friend's Soulard home and damaged a window at the home)
  • 1 Marijuana Possession