So Long Bud (TV)


Have you heard the news? Anheuser-Busch's entertainment Web site, Bud.TV, is finito. The company switched it off yesterday.

Today the site features only the placeholder to the left accompanied by a short message thanking the millions of viewers who've logged into the site over the past two years.

I checked into the Web site a few times after its initial launch. Then, like many others, never returned. Sure, some of the skits on the site were funny. Others were downright inane. 
Perhaps that was the problem. The site wasn't stupid enough -- though it's not as though we at the RFT didn't try to help. A couple years ago we suggested a few sure-fire hits for Web site, including Great Moments in Beer Bonging and the classic yet erotic Clydesdales and Their Humongous Junk.

The brewery never took us up on our suggestions and, well, look at 'em now.