Town & Country Mayoral Hopeful Unleashes a Web Site with Bite


Leave it to our favorite suburban politico to do the unthinkable: Create an entertaining campaign Web site worthy of a read.

Alderman John Hoffmann, the self-proclaimed "watchdog" of Town & Country, launched the site last week in preparation for his April 7 bid for mayor.

The tabloid-esque site includes all kinds of dirt on Hoffmann's opponent, incumbent Jon Dalton, including the fact that the current mayor serves as a tobacco lobbyist and represented developers in a controversial eminent domain lawsuit that took private property from a "widow."

Hoffmann also uses the site to clear up some points about his own colorful background, chronicled last October in a Riverfront Times' cover story.

Dalton recently launched his own Web site in which the mayor showcases his affinity for blue blazers accented with pressed white handkerchiefs.