Fraud Allegations vs. Health Career Agents May Soon Return In Multi-Plaintiff Lawsuit


A story I wrote last week continues to receive quite a few comments from supporters and detractors of St. Louis-based Health Career Agents Inc.

As I reported a few days back, the first of several lawsuits against the company alleging fraud was scheduled for trial last week. The case was dismissed, however, the day before the trial was set to begin.

The founder of Health Career Agents Inc., Brian Marchant-Calsyn commented on my original post defending his business and noting that Clayton attorney Jonathan Andres also dropped several other lawsuits filed against Health Career Agents.

That is correct. Yet there may soon be more to the story.
Andres tells me that he withdrew the case because he's planning to file a larger lawsuit against Health Career Agents on behalf of several alleged victims.

"We're broadening the allegations of fraud and expect to file a suit within the next couple of weeks," says Andres. "The original lawsuits focused on a number of misrepresentations in the company's disclosure statements. But we believe that's just the tip of the iceberg."

In the original lawsuit, Gary Schwarz of New Jersey claimed Marchant-Calsyn fraudulently witheld a drug-dealing arrest and conviction prior to Schwarz investing $26,900 in Health Career Agents.