Post-Dispatch Homepage Stuck on Civically Inclined Collinsville Teens



Unreal has been known to lose track of time (often with a trashy detective novel, in the bathroom), but if we're not mistaken, this has been touted on the homepage of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for a week now.


The (1280-word!) story, which we'll save you the trouble of reading, is about three young Collinsville High grads who've formed a Facebook-based group, the Collinsville Connection, to keep folks up to date on doings at city hall. The article was posted Monday, January 19.

A week later, it remains the top story under stltoday's Suburban Journals heading.

We know they're shorthanded and all, and that the SubJos themselves are a weekly publication, but golly, this is getting ridickulus.