U-City Police Want Video Surveillance in Delmar Loop, Increased Patrols



The Washington University Student Life is reporting today that University City officials are asking the school for assistance paying for major security upgrades in the Delmar Loop.

According to the student paper, University City Police Chief Charles Adams is proposing closed-circuit cameras in the Loop as well as funding for addtional patrols in and near the popular retail and residential district.

A Wash U. spokeswoman says that the city has yet to determine a dollar amount for the beefed-up security or how much it wants the school to contribute. The proposal has yet to go before the City Council.

Later this month U. City council members will consider a curfew that would prohibit people younger than 16 from being in the Loop after 10 p.m. unless accompanied by a guardian. News of the curfew was first reported this past August in a Riverfront Times cover story that examined a spate of juvenile crime in the Delmar Loop and Galleria Mall.

Since then University City police officer Michael King was shot and killed October 31 while sitting in his patrol car in the Loop. The Student Life reports that there has also been a series of car break-ins in the area in recent months.