Ohhhhhhh, Obama!


Page A19 of today's New York Times features a quirky story about the madness over Obama merchandise: POTUS yo-yos and piggy banks, T-shirts and designer tote bags, even hot sauce and toilet paper, per the Times, are apparently flying out of hawkers' hands.

But the old gray lady buried the lede, for it's not till graf sixteen when we arrive at the following nugget: "Obama sex toys, which will not be described here, are available for $34.95 at one online company. At another, 'I [heart] Obama Classic Thong Undies,' are selling for $8.99."

And how!

Check out the "Head O State" two-inch-thick "Official Obama" dildo, with a special endorsement from VP-wannabe Sarah Palin ("Drill, baby, drill!").

This nifty little toy needs no batteries, is waterproof and is said to, uh, come in at seven-and-a-half inches high.

Ohhhh, Obama!