Did Mizzou Hoopster 'Misremember' His Relationship to NBA Superstar?



This courtesy of Deadspin. Apparently New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul, aka "CP3," has missed a lot of family reunions or freshman Missouri Tiger guard Miguel Paul made up a heck'uva story. (Roger Clemens might call it a "misremember.")

In November, Miguel Paul told a reporter with the Columbia Missourian that he met his cousin Chris Paul for the first time following one of his high-school basketball games a couple years back. 

Paul's cousin, New Orleans Hornets all-star point guard Chris Paul, was waiting for him in the locker room.

They talked for a few minutes, and Chris Paul gave his cousin some advice. He told Miguel Paul to play with his head and just have fun.

Miguel even wears the same No. 3 jersey as his "cousin" and teammates at Mizzou call him MP3 -- a nod to his older "relative" Chris. It sounded too good to be true. Perhaps it was.

Recently a reporter from the Columbia NBC affiliate traveled to New Orleans and after a Hornets practice asked Chris Paul about his cousin. His response?

Chris said he had never heard or met Miguel.

Hmm. Somebody needs to break out the Paul family tree.