Lou Brock's Plaque Missing from Loop Walk of Fame, Rickey Henderson Cleared as Suspect


If you've been to the Loop lately and looked down at the sidewalk, you might have seen Lou Brock's star on the Walk of Fame and thought to yourself, "Wow, base-stealing legend Lou Brock has had his informative plaque -- his base, even -- stolen from the Loop's Walk of Fame!"

But you'd be wrong. The plaque, bowing to the harsh winter conditions, came loose from the sidewalk, says Joe Edwards, owner of Blueberry Hill and founder and chair of the non-profit St. Louis Walk of Fame.

"I have [the plaque] up here in my office. it started to come out of the sidewalk. Winter conditions are always tough on things. Every so often a plaque or a star might come up and rather than have somebody trip on it or anything, We took it up for safe keeping."

The star is near Smoothie King in the Delmar Loop. The next three inductees into the Walk of Fame will be selected this spring.

An aside -- Rickey Henderson, the legendary base-stealer who broke Brock's record, is a shoe-in for Hall of Fame induction today.

Photo of the missing plaque after jump.