Chuck Berry: Too Pooped to Pop?



Entertainment Web site, Cinemablend, recently released its list of the 100 celebrities most likely to die this year.

Topping the macabre ranking is 60 Minutes windbag Andy Rooney. (Obviously, Cinemablend doesn't know that Rooney actually died a decade ago. It's true. Since the late 1990s producers at CBS have been using Rooney's embalmed corpse as a mannequin. And, yes, dead people's hair -- and eyebrows -- continue to grow long after they leave this earth.)

But what I really have issues with is the #19 ranking the Web site gives St. Louis' very own Chuck Berry. Cinemablend predicts Berry's probability of dying this year at 9 percent and writes: "He's outlived Elvis, Bo Diddley, and nearly everyone of his rivals, but like Beethoven, he'll roll over soon enough."

I dunno. Last time I saw Berry performing at Blueberry Hill a couple years back, the octogenarian rocker looked just fine. Let's hope he has many more years ahead of him. Hail! Hail! Rock 'n Roll. Long live Chuck Berry!

Here's a video of the first inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame playing a concert just last year. 

 -- Chad Garrison