The Top 20 Stlog Posts of 2008


The top 20 blog posts here on the Stlog, chosen by a few of us here at the RFT.

Highlights include radio broadcaster Kevin Slaten blowing his top at our managing editor, a photo essay of President-elect Barack Obama, a curious e-mail from the American Apparel and a live blog of that debate that happened.


1. How Much is a U.S. Senate Seat Worth? You Decide!


2. Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton: Meacham Park Boils Over


3. Barack Obama in St. Louis: A Photo Essay

4. Wal-Mart Heiress Paige Laurie: Off the Market

5. Thank You and Here's My Distress: Sinclair Pulls Advertising from Post-Dispatch

6. Kevin Slaten's Head is About to Explode: The Saga Continues

7. STLASP Reacts to Our Story ("Oldest Profession 2.0)


8. Unreal Live-Blogs the Vice-Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis


9. Palin vs. Biden Vice Presidential Debate: The Music Video

10. Video: St. Louis First Naked Bike Ride

The bottom 20 are after the jump.


11. American Apparel: Tell Dov Charney How to Come and Where to Go!


12. Penis Biondi or One More Reason the Internet Can't Be Trusted

13. Mark Pollman: R.I.P. You Ornery Ol' Cuss


14. More MetroLink Fallout: Post-Dispatch Editorial Board Farts in RFT's General Direction

15. Anheuser-Busch: King of Beers, Bud of Joke

16. Rick Majerus: Is Nothing Sacred? Not Even Underwear?!

17. KWMU (90.7 FM) General Manager Patricia Wente "Terminated"

18. Video: Ballpark Village's First Retail Business: Ballpark Lake Fishing Bait

19. The Sad Saga of Aimie Mokwa Continues


20. Freakonomics on MetroLink

- Compiled by Tom Finkel and Chad Garrison