Discount Cards for Stache Growers


You know it's a down economy. No news there. But amongst all the chatter about bailing out financial industries, and now the auto industry, the St. Louis based American Mustache Institute is offering a salve for the weary: discount cards for mustache growers



Well, they're working on it anyway. The idea would be to have retailers provide a five percent discount on selected products for Americans with mustaches.

Participating merchants in the area so far include Fu Manchu, El Scorcho and Boogaloo. Tony's Auto Repair, in Sacremento, and the Buffalo Philharmonic in Buffalo, New York seem to have made the list as well.

"The American Mustache Institute is partnering with merchants nationwide to offer a five percent 'Mustached American Discount' card at restaurants, movies, haircuts, dance lessons, shoe repair, guitar restringing, wig manufacturing, medical procedures, Viagra, Thai massage and nail polishing."

The list goes on to include clown suit rental, clown rental, post-doctorate education and other essential needs, which do not include medical procedures.

Signing up for the card can be done here. In the meantime, the AMI encourages people to recruit local merchants to accept the card. They can sign up on the site or call 877-Stache-1.

Think of it as a good Christmas present for your local fireman.

- Matt Kasper