Lame Duck to Pardon Turkey



Lame-duck governor Matt Blunt will pardon another turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

Is fine with pardoning a turkey.
  • Is fine with pardoning a turkey.

Is fine with pardoning a turkey.

While at least one other person at the RFT today expressed mild surprise that Blunt would pardon anything on death row, it's actually the second year that the gov will give the still-unnamed bird a pass.

There's a mock-election going on over at the state's Department of Agriculture Web site, where presumably people can vote to name the turkey that will be pardoned. To go along with the election, Blunt's office issued probably the most groan-inducing press release of his tenure as the state's chief executive.

To vote for the to-be-pardoned turkey's name (no, Kenny or Jay are not options, nor is "pesky reporter" or "deleted e-mail records"), check out the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Although Blunt many are pleased to see Blunt go, I for one will miss the Web sites devoted to him.

-Nick Lucchesi